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The Ti Chance road frameset is everything you would expect from Fat City and more. Chris Chance's philosophy in recreating his famous road frame in titanium was simple:  build a frame ideal for long distance racing and give it the acceleration and cornering it needs to be highly competitive in the crit.  The Ti Chance climbs almost effortlessly and stays comfortable & compliant over long distances.  With its precise and predictable steering, descending is effortless -- enabling the rider to concentrate on the nuances of the pack, not the corners.

This frame is available either with or without the Yo Eddy! road fork. This fork is built utilizing our patented struts design and was engineered to offer precise steerring with limited flex in hte crown and blades. The struts provide stiffness with minimal weight while the tapered, raked blades provide a supple, compliant feel.  Blade gussets add just enough metal where it counts to make the fork stiff both laterally and torsionally.  Weighing in at only 1 1/4 pounds, it's superbly light while still offering the predictable feel of steel.


As with their Titanium Fat Chance, the road frame features a size specific, externally machined, double butted 3/2.5 custom titanium tubeset designed by Chris Chance and available only from Fat City. This means that the tubing in each frame size is specifically designed to offer the most appropriate performance characteristics for that size.

Their Ti Chance has been designed to feel stiff & predictable while sprinting but luxuriously comfortable over long distances, thanks to the uniquely butted tubeset. The chassis (the chainstays, seat & down tubes) is designed for efficient energy transmission during climbing & acceleration while the top tube and seat stays offer resilience and compliance. They invite you to examine the workmanship and superb aesthetics of this latest in our line of road frames.

Frame Detais
Feature Benefit
Unique size specifically butted tubesets


Contributes a consistent ride quality, regardless of frame size. 


Superb Craftsmanship


Typical of Fat City, our Ti Chance is considered a work of art and is another example of our long earned reputation as one of the best frames available. 


Custom US made CNC dropouts


Not just stamped with our logo but designed from the ground up to offer increased strength, light weight and superb aesthetics. 


Tapering Chain and Seatstays
Allows us to achieve the ride quality for which all Chances are known, while adding to the frame's overall beauty.

Frame Spex
Size Stand-over height Top tube length H/T Angle S/T Angle H/T Length Frame Weight
54 cm 31.7 in 55.5 cm 73.5 74 130 mm N/A
55 cm 31.9 in 56.6 cm 73.5 73.5 136 mm N/A
56 cm 32.2 in 57.1 cm 73.5 73 144 mm N/A
57 cm 32.6 in 57.8 cm 73.5 73 154 mm 3 lbs. 2 oz
58 cm 33.0 in 58.5 cm 73.5 73 164 mm N/A

Additional Frame Spex

Chainstay length: 41.5 cm
Bottom bracket height: 26.7 cm
Headset size: 1"
Front Derailleur size: 1 1/4"
Seatpost size: 27.2 mm
Top tube diameter: 1"
Down tube diameter: 1 1/4"
Seat tube diameter: 1 3/8"
Rear axle spacing: 130 mm

* Available polished, at no charge.
* Available as a frame with Yo Eddy! Road Fork or as a frame only.